Today is Monday. And here’s your gentle reminder to breathe.

We all have a lot to do. Many responsibilities to juggle. And the pandemic doesn’t help. However be your day, just remember to “breathe”.

  • If you are stressed and need a break from the incessant cacophony of life
  • If you are tired and need a safe space to recharge your mental energy
  • If you are anxious and need to gather your thoughts and make sense of the mess
  • If everything is going well and you need time to internalize your gratitude

Just breathe.

Focus on the feeling of the fresh air filling your lungs. Feel every cell in your body come to life.

Direct your thoughts to the fact that you are alive. It’s a fucking miracle if you look at the overwhelming astronomical odds of the same.

Face your negative energies and dispose of them gently. Embrace your positive energies and amplify them for all of your body and mind and soul to hear.

Discover yourself.

Get to know the real you.

You are breathtaking, literally and figuratively!

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